Kristen Knutson
Section of Pulmonary / Critical Care
Assistant Professor of Medicine


BA1992McGill UniversityEnglish Literature
MA1999State University of New YorkAnthropology
PhD2004University of Albany, SUNYAnthropology

Academic Interests

Dr. Knutson is a biomedical anthropologist whose research focuses on the association between sleep and cardiometabolic health in various populations. She is particularly interested in examining the role sleep plays in disease risk as well as identifying physiologic and/or social factors that predict impaired or insufficient sleep because those at increased risk of impaired sleep will also be at increased risk of the consequences of impaired sleep. She is also interested in how sleep may mediate racial or ethnic disparities in health and disease.

Representative Publications

  1. B Mokhlesi, S Pannain, F Ghods, KL. Knutson. 2011. Predictors of slow-wave sleep in a clinic-based sample. Journal of Sleep Research; 21(2):170-5.
  2. KL Knutson, E Van Cauter, PJ Rathouz, LL Yan, K Liu, DS Lauderdale. 2011. Cross-sectional associations between measures of sleep and markers of glucose metabolism among persons with and without diabetes: The CARDIA Sleep Study. Diabetes Care; 34(5):1171-6.
  3. S Reutrakul, MM Hood, SJ Crowley, MK Morgan, M Teodori, KL Knutson. 2014. The Relationship between Breakfast Skipping, Chronotype and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes. Chronobiology International 31(1):64-71.
  4. MA Grandner, N Jackson, JR Gerstner, and KL Knutson. 2014. Sleep Symptoms Associated with Intake of Specific Dietary Nutrients. Journal of Sleep Research 23(1):22-34.
  5. KL. Knutson. 2014. Characteristics of sleep and their association with aging in rural Haiti. American Journal of Human Biology 26(1):80-6.

More Information

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