Ya-Chen Tina Shih
Section of Hospital Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine


BA1988National Taiwan UniversityEconomics
MA1990National Tsing-Hua UniversityEconomics
PhD1997Stanford UniversityEconomics

Academic Interests

Dr. Shih is an economist interested in the areas of health economics, health services research, and pharmacoeconomics. Her research concentrates on the application of quantitative methods to examine the economic aspect of cancer care. Major themes in her work include studying the diffusion of new medical technologies among various patients/provider subgroups and/or geographic areas; examining the impact of new technologies in the outcomes and costs of cancer care; and exploring the effect, especially the unintended consequences, of technology diffusion, health policies and regulations on cancer patients. Other research interests are assessing the cost-effectiveness of medical as well as behavioral interventions. Dr. Shih is a member of the National Cancer Policy Forum at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

Representative Publications

  1. Shih YCT, Tai-Seale M. Demand-Induced Supply in the Information Age: A Latent Class Model Analysis. Health Economics. 2011. In Press.
  2. Smith GL, Xu Y, Buchholz TA, Smith BD, Giordano SH, Haffty BG, Vicini FA, White JR, Arthur DW, Harris JR, Shih YCT. Breast brachytherapy after breast-conserving surgery: Rapid diffusion of an emerging technology in the United States. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2011; 29(2): 157-165
  3. Liu L, Cowen ME, Strawderman RL, Shih YCT. A Flexible Two-Part Random Effect Model for Correlated Medical Costs. Journal of Health Economics. 2010; 29(1): 110-123.
  4. Shih YCT, Elting LS, Halpern MT. Factors Associated With Immunotherapy Use Among Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients. Medical Care. 2009; 47(9): 948-58
  5. Shih YCT, Zhao L, Elting LS. Does Medicare Coverage of Colonoscopy Reduce the Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Screening Among the Elderly? Health Affairs 2006; 25(4): 1153-62.